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Cascade FC Jr. Academy provides recreational soccer players a premier club soccer experience. It is a 5-week program and is the best pathway and transition from recreational soccer into Cascade FC club soccer.

Their Friday practices are 1.5-hour topic-driven, club level training sessions and are designed to develop specific player technique and game tactics. These attributes will then be the technical area of focus for players during the corresponding Sunday games. 

Their Sunday game is against other same gender/age Cascade FC Junior Academy teams. It is a 1-hour competitive scrimmage with referee, giving players a gameday experience and enabling them to implement and execute the weekly themes and techniques they have learned.

Audience/Age Level:

For Recreational players, birth years 2017-2013 who are looking for the next step of development and are curious about what Club soccer has to offer.   

Friday Trainings Sunday Games
November 17th November 19th
December 1st December 3rd
December 8th December 10th
January 12th January 5th January 14th January 7th
January 19th January 21st

Cost: $195 ( includes a Cascade FC Jr. Academy training jersey )

Friday Training Location/Times:

  • 5-6:30pm: Chief Kanim Middle School, Fall City
  • 4:30-6:00pm: Big Rock Park, Duvall

Sunday Games:

  • 10am - 2:00pm: Chief Kanim Middle School, Fall City


Our Cascade FC Jr. Academy curriculum directly aligns with our playing principles, playing style and overall game model. Preparing players to transition to Jr. RCL and Cascade FC Premier teams.

Week 1 – 1v1 Attacking

  • Ball manipulation and close control
  • Change of speed and direction to beat pressure
  • Aggressiveness and acceleration to drive pass pressure

Week 2 – 1v1 Attacking

  • Skill moves to unbalance defender
    • Fake take & flip flap
  • Ball manipulation and close control
  • Aggressiveness and acceleration to drive pass pressure

Week 3 – Turning

  • Change direction to find a new angle of attack
  • Quick sharp turns
    • Pull back variations
  • Aggressiveness and acceleration to drive pass pressure

Week 4 – Passing

  • Spread out, make the field big, communicate
  • Head up, find open player
  • Passing technique

Week 5 – Striking and shooting

  • Accelerate to the goal
  • Get the ball out off of your foot
  • Strike through the ball with laces with power
  • Attack aggressively


Please contact Scott Oyer



Cascade FC Director of Programs

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